Half-Orc Ranger


For stats, AC, HP, weapons, reflex saves, and other crunch


For backstory, love interests, goals,- hated enemies-, and other_* fluff*_

Character Traits/Roleplay

(This is very important to consider. Following these grants special events and inspiration. However these can change over time.)

Personality Traits: Kind, patient, caring, cautious, educated/intelligent, observant, problem-solving, inventive, naive, curious, bold, enjoys alone time exploring.

Ideals: Believes in being helpful to all in any way possible. Believes in creating solutions or inventions from limited/meager supplies to better or help.

Bonds: Mother, village animals, village professor (mentor)

Flaws: Vengeful when violated and distrusted; being bold, curious, naive, and explorative can all backfire at wrong place, wrong time… (hopefully other helpful traits kick in though!); physically expressive

Physical Traits
Size: Medium
Age: 14
Height: 6’7’’
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Olive-Tan
Hair: Brown
Deity: Melora

Like many unlucky human women of this time, Ankhch’s mother’s village was pillaged, plundered, and burned to the ground by furious, land-conquering orcs. Anderesa, Ankhch’s mother, escaped impregnated with few others from the village as orcs claimed their new territory.

Andresa fled with other village members to her child-hood village in the upper mountains—a village of mixed, peaceful races and classes. There, with the help of her family and friends, they raised Ankhch with the same ideals and education given to all village children with a protective spin. Her mother, after her orc encounter, had become nervous around travel and outsiders. Ankhch spent most of her days exploring, caring, and studying village animals, bugs, and plants able to survive cold desolate mountain conditions. She developed a bond with the village professor which allowed Ankhch to travel down the mountain towards warmer conditions to observe other species.

Accepted by all, loved deeply by her family (…even tha mama!! Actually esp. tha mama!!) Ankhch was never told about her mother’s past until she was preparing for her journey into adulthood. During the same week Andresa shared her backstory, the infamous white-tailed Xxulatil dragon burned her family’s home town and captured Danu, the village professor. Not only motivated by her right of passage, but the retrieval of her mentor and avenging her village, Ankhch began her travels across the lands with hope to find riches along the way to help rebuild her home.


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