Warforged Sorcerer


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Character Traits/Roleplay

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Personality Traits:
Though its hard for me to trust people, once you gain it im there to help. im not shy, and i will speek my mind.


i want to help others. its why i was created, to assist others. i want to bring back what i had in the past


My longsword. Though I cant use it i hold i close, a reminder of my dark past. blessed by the machine god himself, and made of the finest steel and bronze. it will never see combat


theres two things I hate in this world: people who beat around the bush and those who think they can hurt others with out reprocution. im blunt when talking and im not afraid of what my words will spark. those who take anothers chance at a good life will recieive no mercy from me

Physical Traits
Race: Warforged
Size: Medium
Age: 746
Height: 6’10"
Weight: 450
Eyes: Citrine
Skin: T-314 Stainless Steel


746 years ago:

I was created as an assistant for a dwarven city. I wasn’t a warrior, nor had i ever thought i would become the sorcerer i am today. But i was happy as a servant. happy helping the dwarven family that bought me. Happy helping move earth, washing things, and playing with the children.

697 years ago:

I remember it was a normal day. I remember that it was a day I was cleaning the kitchen. I remember the first magic bolt exploding right behind me removing the front of the stone house.


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