Human Wizard


For stats, AC, HP, weapons, reflex saves, and other crunch


For backstory, love interests, goals, hated enemies, and other fluff
soulcrates is from a village in the mountains were he learned magic growing up from his mother, she told him about his grandfather who was looked at as a great hero to his village, after completing his training and schooling he set out on an self quest to be a great wizard like his mother and grandfather before him.
Character Traits/Roleplay

(This is very important to consider. Following these grants special events and inspiration. However these can change over time.)

Personality Traits:

i always try to keep a calm mind
strangers are just friends you haven’t talked to yet
I’m a man of travel


i do not like to lie about who i am
i will grow stronger to be as strong as my grandfather once was or even stronger
i will learn as much about magic as i can


my village is my home and i will grow stronger to defend it
trusts people kinda easily

Physical Traits

Race: human
Size: medium
Age: 19
Height: 6"
Weight: 185
Eyes: blue
Skin: white
Hair: long
Hair Color: brown



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