The Pit

Day 3 (?)

Our heroes entered the dungeon yet again. BUT TO ME LOSTTTT FOREVERRRRR??????


Day 2

Our heroes gathered and put aside their differences to combat the unknown menace. They defeated cowardly bandits, the fearsome spiders (well one… the other is apparently a friend now) and the Nothic necromancer.

Upon returning to the town they took a much needed rest. Afterwards they discussed their reward with the mayor who was a bit short handed. However a proposal was made… what are they getting into exactly?

Day 1
The Surface

5 Adventurers; 1 meeting location. How they all met up at this crucial time is unknown, but it must have been for some crucial purpose fate has decided.

Now in riverwood a small crisis has already occured. Olwald, a champaion of old has lost contact with his son. The adventurers have already happened upon the Blue flask in Olwald’s time of need though. This new quest has led them straight into the dungeon of an old mage. What adventures could await our heroes!?


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